Conductive Tape
Conductive Fabric Tape / CSTK Series

Thin and durable carbon-coated profile protects the conductive tape from corrosion suffered by metal foils. 

- No yarn-loosening or fuzz on the surface.
- Low resistivity, effective against electrostatic discharge.  

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Conductive Tape / CCT Series

Thin and flexible metal foil tape backed by a conductive filler adhesive. Simple cut-out or configuration for optimum shielding effectiveness. 

- Easy to apply.
- High shielding effectiveness. 

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Copper Embossing Tape / CCTE-C Series

The copper embossing tape has embossed parts that are bent to provide direct contact with the object. 

- Ideal solution for EMI and RF shielding. 
- Electrically conductive adhesive on one side. 
- Large contact area provides stable contact.  

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