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Formed in 1999 as an agent for KGS Kitagawa, MEC specialise in EMC components such as ferrite cores, ferrite beads, EMI absorbing sheets, on board contacts, grounding clamps, conductive tape, ferrite chip inductors and much more. In 2003 a new product division called Gelmec was formed focusing on the company’s anti-vibration portfolio. After this our third product division called AMEC Thermasol was formed in 2005 specialising in thermal management materials. ISO 9001 certification was achieved in 2005.

Products can be supplied by contacting one of our offices. Select lines are available to purchase from our distributor Farnell. Our UK office can offer both express and economy shipping services to the majority of major cities worldwide and can supply to customers in GBP, Euro or USD. Payment can be accepted by T/T or by credit/debit card. In addition to this credit terms can be negotiated with our sales team.


For your EMC/EMI and Anti-Vibration requirements please see our other divisions


Gelmecs special soft gel range of vibration damping materials are ideal for isolating loads of 100g+ including broad temperature and MILSPEC applications. Advanced high damping thermoplastic and urethane materials can also outperform traditional rubber solutions.

AMEC Thermasol

AMEC Thermasol markets a comprehensive range of Thermal Management Materials, our products include thermally conductive pads / insulators and gap fillers, thermally conductive adhesive tapes, phase change interface materials and graphite foil.

AMEC Acoustics

AMEC Acoustics specialise in anti-vibration mounts designed for construction and machinery applications. Our product range includes acoustic hangers and wall mounts, floor vibration dampers, heavy machine mounts, HVAC mounts and much more.