EMI Products

Filtering is a measure used to suppress conducted noise that is transmitted through cables and transmission lines. One of the simplest solutions for this problem is to mount ferrite cores around cables to only allow low frequency band signals and attenuate high frequency conducted noise.

Our filtering product range includes EMI Absorption Sheets, Flat Ferrite Cores, Round Ferrite Cores and Split Ferrite Cores with plastic cases.

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EMC grounding is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce EMI noise at board, cable and system levels. The most ideal EMC grounding is a short and wide connection with low impedance, especially when grounding problematic frequencies above 200Mhz. 

Our grounding product range includes EMI Grounding Clamps, EMC Grounding Spacers, grounding straps and
on-board grounding contacts. 

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EMI shielding materials help with sealing and grounding EMC noise entering or exiting a device. Shielding can be crucial for long term reliability of a design. 

Our shielding product range includes Carbon Rubber Strips, Conductive foam and tape, soft foam gaskets, conductive film and wire mesh gaskets. 

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