Conductive Film
Clear Conductive Film / WINAL

Extremely transparent, thin, light weight, easy to cut, and electrically conductive film. Great for EMC and electro static discharge of LCD screens/panels apertures and other displays. 

- Low surface electric resistance. 
- Superior optical transparency. 
- Flexible format enables custom shapes and profiles. 

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EMC Magnetic Foil / MFM Series

The EMC Magnetic Foil is effective for  suppressing electromagnetic noise at low frequency. Offers insulation through laminated layer. 

- High shielding performance from 1KHz to 1MHz.
- Easy to mount.
- Cutting service available. 

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Ultra Thin Conductive Film / REMI

Super thin surface-conductive film ideally suited for use on PCBs and for noise control on flexible flat cables. Excellent heat and chemical resistance material that offers stable performance. 

- Safer handling compared to other metal foil tapes.
- Provides high shielding effectiveness. 
- Galvanic corrosion resistance. 

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