EMC Grounding Clamps
EMC Plastic Grounding Clamp / FGC Series

The FGC grounding clamps provide simultaneous fastening and grounding for coaxial and braid-shielded cables. Excellent flexibility insures constant contact pressure and stable contact resistance under extreme heat and vibration. Contact resistance of the copper layer is lower than traditional plating on metal clips. 

- Resin base plated with copper foil. 
- Construction prevents damage to cable shielding. 
- Low weight and space saving solution. 
- Suited for contact in large clearance applications. 

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EMC Plastic Grounding Clamp / FGCS Series

For use on PCBs, the FGCS EMC grounding clamps fastens cables and also grounds the PCB in order to prevent electronic discharge. Helps reduce the number of components in an assembly. 

- Plastic and metal portions can be separated for recycling. 
- Easy to detach cables for maintenance. 
- Plastic and metal parts can separate for disposal. 

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