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MG Series EMI Suppression Sheet / MG Series

 The EMI suppression sheet offers excellent processability, with secondary processing provided to fit the specific application. The EMI suppression sheet is made from heat resistant rubber based material enables wide range of temperature from -40 to 150C. Custom sizes are available upon request. It is a non-halogen material and is free from chlorine and bromine.


MAB Series EMI Suppression Sheet / MAB Series

Our EMI suppression sheet is both highly flexible and bend resistant. It is easy to cut and we can provide custom sizes upon request. It is used for prevention of EMI noise in mobile electronic equipment such as mobile phones.

Soft ferrite + resin


FFS Series Flexible Ferrite Sheet / FFS Series

The ferrite sheet achieves excellent noise suppression simply by affixing it to desired areas. Better insulation properties and more effective in suppression at low frequency compared to electromagnetic suppression sheets. 


PET with adhesive layer.
Soft ferrite.
Double-sided adhesive tape.



FFSW-H Series Flexible Ferrite Sheet / FFSW-H Series

The Smart ply ferrite sheet material is a thin and highly flexible product which is suitable for magnetic shielding and helps improve the performance of wireless charging systems. With its sintered finish the ferrite sheet offers high drop impact resistance. Available in custom shapes and sheet sizes upon request.

PET with adhesive layer.
Ferrite sheet.
Double sided adhesive tape


FFSX Series Flexible Ferrite Sheet / FFSX Series

The ferrite sheet is designed for a 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC system to suppress metal interface. Easy to cut and available in custom sizes depending on application.


PET with adhesive layer
Soft ferrite
Double-sided adhesive tape




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