Absorbing Sheets
EMC Suppression Sheet / MAB Series

EMI flexible noise suppression ferrite sheet reduces radiated emissions by attaching to CPUs, cables or enclosures. Improves communication distance for RFID by suppressing interface between antenna and metals in the vicinity. 

*Broad frequency range from 200KHz to 5GHz.*

- Peak performance 100MHz and above.
- Magnetic permeability is 7 at 10MHz. 
- Adhesive backing.
- Flammability Rating: UL 94-V-0.  

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EMI Suppression Sheet / MG Series

Electromagnetic noise suppression composed of heat resistant rubber mixed with magnetic metal filler. Effective for suppressing radiated emissions by simply attaching on CPUs, cables or enclosures: 

*Broad frequency range from 200KHz to 5GHz*.

- Temperature Range: -40C to +150C. 
- Magnetic permeability is 25@10MHz. 
- Flexible and easy to install with adhesive backing.
- Equivalent to UL 94-HB (not adhesive).  

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Flexible Ferrite Sheet / FFS Series

The FFS series is an ideal solution for small spaces, yet also delivers outstanding performance for its size. More effective in suppression of low frequency compared to traditional EMI suppression sheets. 

*For lower frequencies from 70KHz to 90MHz*.

- Better insulation properties compared to EMI sheets.
- Supplied with double sided adhesive tape.
- Cut to standard IC sizes.

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Flexible Ferrite Sheet / FFSW Series

Very thin and flexible ferrite tile ideal for low frequency wire charging. It increases the strength of the transmitter and receiver antenna.  

*For lower frequencies from 200KHz to 90MHz.*

- Designed specifically for wireless charging applications. 
- Magnetic permeability is 1800 at 10kHz. 
- Custom sizes available upon request. 

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Flexible Ferrite Sheet / FFSX Series

EMI flexible noise suppression ferrite sheet, engineered for both RFID/NFC and Rezence wireless charging. Thin, sintered material with higher loss and more flexibility. 

*For lower frequencies from 200KHz to 90MHz*.

- Excellent performance in suppressing broadband noise. 
- Effective for RFID/NFC-to-metal systems at 13.56MHz. 
- Increases field strength from Tx to Rx for wireless charging. 
- Adhesive one side for easy mounting. 

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GHz EMI Shielding Sheet / GSS-HT Series

The GSS-HT EMI absorbing sheet series is a new material that we have recently launched that is suited for GHz band noise. No trace design is required for the material when used on PCBs, providing greater flexibility in circuit design.

*For high frequencies of 1GHz and above*.

- Suited for GHz band noise. 
- Temperature Range: -40 to 105C.
- Interference between ICs can be suppressed by applying material to each IC. 

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