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WINAL Series Clear Conductive Film / WINAL Series


ITO, Indium Tin Oxide, conductive film has superior optical transparency.
Protected by PE film on both surfaces.
Grounding terminal with aluminium foil can be provided upon.



CSTK Series Conductive Fabric Tape / CSTK Series

Conductive woven fabric / Cu-Ni plated woven fabric carbon-coating (UL510FR).


Carbon-coating protects from the galvanic corrosion suffered by metal foils.
Carbon-coated special knitting provides no yarn-loosening or fuzz on the surface.
Carbon-coated tape with low resistivity, effective against electrostatic discharge.



CSTK-T Series Conductive Fabric Tape / CSTK-T Series

Super thin conductive fabric tape at 30um thickness which is suitable for mobile devices. Very flexible and can fit to curved surfaces. Conductive adhesive provides top and bottom conduction. Surface resistivity: 0.1 or less. Resistivity between top and bottom: 0.1 or less.



CCT Series Conductive Tape / CCT Series

Thin and ?exible metal foil tape backed by a conductive filler adhesive.


Easy application same uses as a transparent tape.
High shielding effectiveness due to highly conductive adhesive tape.
Easy cutout or configuration for optimum shielding effectiveness.



CCTE Series Copper Embossing / CCTE Series

Embossed parts of the metal foil make direct contact with the object


Embossed parts are bent to provide direct contact with the object.
Large contact area provides stable contact.


Rolled copper foil.





Overall thickness 35 µm (SC).
Provides high-shielding effectiveness and galvanic corrosion resistance.
Safer handling compared with metal foil tapes.
Suitable noise control for flexible cables.



Winal 100-020 Series Transparent Conductive Film / Winal 100-020 Series

Electrically conductive film with superior optical transparency with added strength enhanced by a laminated film. The low surface electrical resistance gives higher shielding effectiveness.




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