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TRM Series Low Cut Core / TRM Series

"Mn" ferrite cores, suitable solutions for conductive and radiation noise in low frequency range.


High impedance noise filter in low frequency (kHz to MHz) range.
Epoxy coated ferrite core has rounded corners to reduce load on cable.


Mn-Zn soft ferrite (epoxy coating).



TRMH Series Low Cut Core / TRMH Series



MRFC Series Low Cut Ferrite Clamp / MRFC Series

Split ferrite core for low frequency ranges with UL 94-V-0.


Effective solutions for suppression of disturbances from switching power supply or motor. The product is best suited for low frequency noise from 150kHz to 30MHz. By selecting either part number MRFC-13 or MRFC-20 there is an additional option of a screw mounting fixture.


Ferrite Core: Soft ferrite
Housing: PA66 (colour: light grey/flammability rating: UL 94-V-0).



RFC-**MA Series Low Cut Ferrite Clamp / RFC-**MA Series

Ferrite clamp with excellent heat resistance, effective for prevention of conducted/radiated noise in low-frequency applications.


Suitable for suppression of low-frequency noise (150kHz to 30MHz) of power supply systems. The housing has a special anti-slip mechanism and its design makes it simply to apply to assembled wires.




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