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GFPH-10-6-5 Flat Ferrite Core / GFPH-10-6-5
The two part ferrite core offers convenient fitting for
pre-wired cables.

- Easy assembly.
- Effective noise reduction for flexible flat cables.


GFPC Series Flat Ferrite Cores / GFPC Series

Suitable solution for flat cable noise problems. Ultra thin design makes the GFPC series an ideal solution for space-saving devices. Despite its low profile, high performance is achieved by close contact with the flat cable. 

- Available in 2.3, 3 and 5mm thickness.
- Eliminates emission noise. 
- Effective use in limited spaces. 


GSSC Series Flat Ferrite Cores / GSSC Series

Suppresses emission noise for ribbon cables and flat cables. 

- Can be fitted before or after assembly.
- Quick and simple solution to apply.


GSSH Series Flat Ferrite Cores / GSSH Series

Split ferrite core design for easy assembly on wired or connected cables. For filtering noise emission from ribbon cables and flat cables.

- Can be fitted before or after assembly.
- Plastic clips available (subject to MOQ). 


FFPC Series Flexible Ferrite Core / FFPC Series

Thin ferrite sheet provides optimum EMC solution for ribbon cables and flat cables. Due to the flexibility of the material, the ferrite pad can act as a flat ferrite core. However due to its sintered finish, it is more robust solution compared to traditional ferrites as it is not prone to breaking.

- Does not impair flexibility of cable. 
- Suitable for high frequency applications.
- Greater performance compared to traditional EMI sheets. 
- Suitable for thin devices. 


GFPO Series Open Circuit Ferrite Core / GFPO Series

Open magnetic circuit structure provides high impedance with close contact on a flexible flat cable (FFC). The structure of the ferrite core enables a very small impedance difference between the individual cables of a FFC.

- Excellent noise attenuation. 
- Performs over broad frequency range. 
- Can be installed before or after assembly. 


BCN Series Split Ferrite Core with Plastic Case / BCN Series

Combining a split ferrite core design with a plastic clamp reduces labour costs significantly. Easy assembly for wired or connected cables.

- Quick and easy to fit.
- Adhesive base provides permanent fixing. 



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