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EMI Products

Our range of EMI / EMC products consist of; Ferrite Rings, Split Ferrite Cores, Wound Beads, Ferrite Plates, Oval Ferrite Cores, Absorbing Sheets, Grounding Clamps, Conductive Tapes, Onboard Grounding Contacts, Wire Mesh Gaskets and Conductive Carbon Rubber. 



Filtering is a measure used to suppress "conducted noise",which is transmitted through cables and transmission lines.One of the simple implementations of this solution is to mount ferrite cores around cables to pass only low frequency band signals and attenuate high frequency conducted noise in cables.

Our filtering product range includes Multi-Hole Ferrite cores, EMI Absorption Sheets, Ferrite Plates, Flat Ferrite Cores, Oval Shaped Ferrite Cores, Cylindrical Cores and Split Ferrite Cores with Plastic Cases.

Absorbing Sheets Flat Cable Ferrites Grip Core Round Ferrite Cores Split Ferrites



Grounding is an electric conductor which maintains the reference electric potential of electronic devices. The purpose of grounding is to keep electric potential equivalent between these parts and the grounding point in the high frequency band. Separating the grounding area contaminated by noise from the others which are stable and clean is also a grounding function.

Our grounding product range includes EMI Grounding Clamps, EMI Grounding Spacers, EMI Grounding Straps, PCB Grounding Guide Rails and On Board Grounding Contacts.

EMC Grounding Clamps EMC Grounding Spacers EMC Grounding Straps Grounding Guide Rails Onboard Contacts



Shielding in an electromagnetic environment is to separate the area where the noise is emitted from objective area electromagnetically. In other words, shielding means confining the internal noise within the housing of the electronic devices or preventing external noise.

Our shielding product range includes Carbon Rubber Strips, Braided Sleeving, Conductive Tape, Conductive Elastomer and Elastomer Mesh Cores and Wire Mesh Gaskets.

Conductive Carbon Rubber Conductive Film Conductive Foam Conductive Tape Elastomer Mesh Core Soft Foam Gaskets Wire Mesh Gaskets



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