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OG-R Series On-Board Lug Terminal / OG-R Series

The on-board lug terminal offers FG reinforcement and reliable grounding contact. It also prevents screw loosening caused by vibration.


Tough pitch copper (Sn plating).
OG-RM26 is made of brass. 


OG-865028 On-Board Shielding Guide / OG-865028

The on-board shielding guide has a guiding mechanism which makes easy installation for shielding cans. This mechanism can even be used in the corners of shielding cans. The on-board shielding guide has a multi-point contact which provides higher shielding effectiveness.


Phosphor bronze for spring (Sn reflow plating)


OGSC-756030 On-Board Side Contact / OGSC-756030

The design of the on-board side contact reduces the load placed onto a PCB compared to conventional vertical on-board grounding contacts. The structure resists deformation even during lateral sliding.

Phosphor bronze for spring (Sn reflow plating).


OGC Series SMD Grounding Clamp / OGC Series

The PCB on-board grounding clamp allows automated mounting and reflow soldering on PCBs without boring. Wiring on PCB edges are available which allows space to be saved.


Phosphor bronze for spring (Sn reflow plating)



OGCP Series SMD Grounding Clip / OGCP Series

The PCB on-board grounding clip enables easy removal of the shielding can. Multi-point contact grounding is provided to the shielding can and also reinforces shielding performance. The on-board grounding clip also provides better workability.    


OGCP-1182435/OGCP-650813R: Phosphor bronze for spring (Sn reflow plating/Primary plating
OGCP-650813G: Titanium Copper alloy(One side Au plating/The under plating by Ni)
OGCP-65083G: Titanium copper alloy (one side Au plating/The under plating by Ni)
OGCP-502423/OGCP-702020: Phosphor bronze for spring (Sn reflow plating)
OGCP-702020G: Phosphor bronze for spring (gold plating) 


OG Series SMD Grounding Contacts / OG Series

Our PCB on-board grounding contacts are space saving and FG facilitated, even where screws are precluded. The structure of the on-board grounding contact offers direct automated mounting onto PCBs. Box structure is introduced for distortion, deformation and damage prevention (excluding some part numbers). Suitable for SMD mounting. 


OGSR Series SMD Grounding Contacts / OGSR Series

The PCB coil on-board grounding contact's design allows the component to withstand repeated compression and vibrations. Our on-board grounding contacts are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Piano wire(0.45)(Au plating)
Brass(t=0.3mm)(Sn reflow plating).


OGP Series SMD Grounding Plate / OGP Series

The on-board grounding plate solves contact failure caused by solder flux. Reliable contact is provided at FG reinforcement of PCB.


Brass (OGP-3216 / Au plating , OGP-4520 / Sn reflow plating).




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